Bypass Pruners

Manual Shears by Original LÖWE
Bypass Shear

Bypass Shear

Original LÖWE bypass pruning shears and loppers are designed and built with the same superior quality that is recognized in their world leading anvil shears and loppers.

The advantages of LÖWE bypass shears:

  • For hands large and small
  • External blade position for rapid replacement
  • Extremely light weight
  • Special surface treatment of the blade for maximum edge retention
  • Precision cutting head with optimum geometry
  • Bevel-ground blade and anvil blade for improved service life

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Lowe 9 – Bypass pruning shears featuring superior technology

  • Easy-to-replace blade
  • Continuously adjustable handle width prolongs working life of blade

Lowe 11 – Modern, lightweight design

  • Precision cutting head with optimum geometry for precise, easy cutting

Lowe 12 – Modern, lightweight design – small shear

  • Smaller version of Lowe 11
German Steel100%

LOWE Features

100% Made in Germany
Blades are unrivaled in their strength; made of the finest quality German steel alloy followed by a special hardening process.