Bypass Loppers

Manual Loppers by Original LÖWE
Bypass Lopper

Bypass Lopper

Original LÖWE bypass pruning shears and loppers are designed and built with the same superior quality that is recognized in their world leading anvil shears and loppers.

LÖWE bypass loppers have a slim cutting head and are particularly suitable for delicate woods that require a cut with less cutting force.

The advantages of LÖWE bypass loppers

  • The curved blade assists the drawing cutting movement
  • The blade’s high-quality chemical nickel coating protects against rusting and stops debris from sticking to the blade
  • Extremely strong, oval aluminum tube handles
  • Ergonomic plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand
  • Sturdy shock absorber designed for longer life



Lowe 31 – Small bypass loppers with slim cutting head

  • Ideal for vineyard pruning”
German Steel100%

LOWE Features

100% Made in Germany
Blades are unrivaled in their strength; made of the finest quality German steel alloy followed by a special hardening process.