Hook Shaker – Thinning/Harvesting

Harvesting/Thinning by CAMPAGNOLA


Fruit Thinning / Nut Harvesting

The pneumatic Limb Shaker, or hook shaker, is designed for fruit thinning and nut harvesting. Simply hook a limb and squeeze the trigger. A quick, vibrating motion immediately sends fruit to the ground. As a nut harvester the tool is exceptional in young trees and small acreage where knocking is commonly applied. Thinning stone fruit has never been quicker or easier.


Olistar for peach thinning May 07 002thinning

ST-7-04 w/1 m (3’4″) extension
ST-7-05 w/1.5 m (4’11”) extension
ST-7-06 w/2 m (6’7″) extension
ST-7-09 w/2.5 m (8’3″) extension
ST-7-02T w/telescopic pole (3’4″-4’11″)
ST-7-04T w/telescopic pole (4’11″-8’3″)
ST-7-06T w/telescopic pole (6’7″-10’10″)