Pruning System Packages

Pneumatic Pruning System Packages by CAMPAGNOLA

LB 10

LB 14

LB10pruneModel LB-10 Pneumatic Pruning System Package

LB-10 Pneumatic Pruning System Packages are designed exclusively for the one and two operator pruning crew. Select your system from these affordable equipment packages.  Campagnola brochure

Models: (each package includes)

  • LB-10 compressor (4hp Honda, 4.5 cfm)
  • shear(s)
  • 50 ft polyurethane hose(s) w/fittings
LB-10-61 STAR 50 Shear w/extension
LB-10-41 SE-4 Shear w/fixed length extension*
LB-10-41T SE-4 Shear w/telescopic extension*
LB-10-42 SE-4 Shear w/fixed length extension (qty 2)*
LB-10-42T SE-4 Shear w/telescopic extension (qty 2)*
LB-10-21 Hand held Shear**
LB-10-22 Hand held Shear (qty 2)**

* also available in Victory extension models

** available with Star 30 V, Star 30 F, and Victory

lb14Model LB-14-36 Pneumatic Pruning System Package

Pneumatic Pruning System for the Grounds Professional



Star 50 Lopping Shear w/2m extension
ST-3-06T Chain Saw with telescopic extension
LB-14 Compressor (8hp Honda, 17.5 cfm)
Accessories 50′ polyurethane hose with fittings, in-line-oiler for saw