Chain Saws

Pneumatic Pruning by CAMPAGNOLA


Pneumatic Chain Saw

For heavy duty tree pruning turn to the model ST-3 Chain Saw. This powerful, lightweight pneumatic chain saw has been a reliable workmate of farmers and grounds maintenance crews for many years. The saw has a 8 inch bar and cuts up to 6 inch limbs. The model ST-3-06T is equipped with a telescopic extension pole featuring variable length adjustment and can be fully extended to an overall length of 11’8″.laser-copy A built in lubricator oils the bar and chain while you work.  Campagnola brochure

Tech Specs & Diagrams

Accessories: An in-line-oiler, mounted on the trigger handle, is recommended for continuous internal lubrication of the saw motor – model PL-SPF-M.


ST-3 Laser Hand Held
ST-3-02T w/ telescopic extension (3’4″-4’11″)
ST-3-04T w/ telescopic extension (4’11″-8’3″)
ST-3-06T w/ telescopic extension (6’7″-10’10″)
ST-3-04 w/ 1m (3’4″) extension
ST-3-05 w/ 1.5m (4’11”) extension
ST-3-06 w/ 2m (6’7″) extension
ST-3-09 w/ 2.5 (8’3″) extension