Olive Harvester – Electronic

Harvesting/Thinning by CAMPAGNOLA
Elektra Kit

Elektra Kit


ELEKTRA electro-mechanical harvesting head is ideal for pruned, or not so thick, trees.  The rakes “comb” the branches with up to 22 interchangeable teeth made of thermoplastic resins to ensure robustness and flexibility for easy movement among the branches.  ELEKTRA employs a design that makes the tool extremely lightweight (it weighs a little more than 1kg).  Olive harvesting made faster and easier with the ELEKTRA electronic olive harvester from Campagnola.

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ELEKTRA kit includes:

  • ELEKTRA harvesting head
  • Power 12 ELEKTRA unit
  • Extension pole (fixed or telescopic)
  • 15m (49′) power cable
  • optional:  battery cart for 12 volt battery
  • 12v battery and battery charger purchased separately
  • (recommended battery: 80amp – usage 8-9 amp/hr)


Harvest netting available in 10m (33′) x 10m (33′) single sheet dimensions and 5m (16.5′) x 100m (328′) rolls.  The special woven netting lessens the impact on the olives and holds them firmly in place on the net.  It’s lightweight design allows for easy loading of the harvested olives into bins or buckets. 

Do-it-Yourself olive mills  for small volume production.  Experience the pleasure and enhanced flavor from milling your own olives as they are harvested.