Olive Mills

OLIOMIO® by MORI-TEM has redefined olive oil extraction for the small producer. No longer is the only option to harvest the olives and haul them to a large production mill for processing. Today, a grower can harvest the olives and within minutes (not days) begin extracting a beautiful extra virgin olive oil – the freshest and best quality imaginable!

History of OLIOMIO® “MY Oil”

In 1984 TOSCANA ENOLOGICA MORI (MORI-TEM) began production on the first “small oil mill”, utilizing natural decantation separation. By 1993 planning had started on OLIOMIO®, a machine based on an entirely different concept from all others on the market until then. The new machine was a compact stand-alone unit, with a hopper where the olives were loaded into, cold-worked into a two-phase system, and on one side the oil comes out, on the other, paste. All of this was accomplished without the need for additonal water for extraction, and without the need of a final separation. It was revolutionary. Three years later, in 1996, the first OLIOMIO® went into production.  In the years to follow, several new models have been introduced.

Small Volume Mills