Aggressive Japanese Pruning Saw

Zetsaw Pruning Saws Features Include:

  • Katana sword-like sharp teeth cut branches smoothly, laving  clean surface.
  • Impulse hardened teeth are designed for long-lasting performance
  • Special teeth setting prevents sawdust build-up, avoiding clogging
  • Electro-less Ni-P plated saw blade resists rust
  • Tough saw blades resist chipping and breaking

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Aggressive cut saw for arborist, forestry, and landscape pruning.

Code Item Spec
52433 Saw Blade Length 270 mm
Pitch 3.50 mm
Thickness  0.90 mm
52434 Blade


Fine cut saw for orchard pruning

Code Item Spec
52425 Saw Blade Length 270 mm
Pitch 2.40 mm
Thickness  0.70 mm
52426 Blade